Family Owned Lawn Care Indianapolis

We are a family owned lawn maintenance company located in Indianapolis, IN. We serve dozens of neighborhoods in the Metro Indy area. Some of the more popular neighborhoods we serve are Broad Ripple, Rocky Ripple, Crows Nest, Meridian Hills, Williams Creek, Meridian Kessler, and Golden Hill. You may have seen our corvette yellow trucks out working in your neighborhood! We have tons of happy clients and would love to have you on board!

A Word About Us

I’m thrilled you’re considering Green’s Lawncare to take care of your home. I’d like to tell you why we’re different than anyone else you might consider for your lawn maintenance needs.

  • When I say your satisfaction is guaranteed I mean it.
  • Companies throw that phrase around all the time. The phrase becomes diluted and means nothing anymore. But when I say your satisfaction is guaranteed, I mean you will not pay us if you are not happy with service. Furthermore, if we didn’t get the job done right the first time, we will come back out and fix it at no charge. If we still cannot get the job done right, you do not owe us a dime!

  • We are going to show up to your property in professional uniforms.
  • We’re going to use professional lawn equipment. We are going to weed eat around every fence, shrub, light post, and anywhere else our mowers will not reach. Your property will be edged every service. We’re going to clean up all grass clippings and blow all the concrete and hard surfaces clean.

  • If we see a trash can out by the road that needs to be brought back to the house, then we are going to do that.
  • We’re going to be consistent in our service schedule to your property.
  • If we mow your yard on Tuesday, then your yard is going to be mowed on Tuesdays every week unless there is a significant weather delay.

  • Our communication is going to be excellent.
  • It is a part of our mission statement. When you call us, we’re going to answer our phone. We’re easy to get a hold of and easy to work with.

  • 150 + neighbors already use our company, and they are all thrilled with our work.
  • Maybe it’s because we do a great job cutting grass. Maybe it’s because we do a great job in proactively communicating with our clients. Or maybe it’s because we’re just nice ordinary people conducting our business in a friendly way. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying our clients love us.

Green's Lawncare is not going anywhere. Green's Lawncare is committed to Indianapolis and the surrounding service areas, and we’re committed to you. God Bless.