Green’s Lawncare 2019…A season for gratitude!

As I sit here writing this blog entry and reflect on the 2019 season… there is only one word that comes to my mind.  That word is GRATITUDE.  Green’s Lawncare is very thankful for all the clients we have had the pleasure to serve over the past 12 months.  We look forward to having an even stronger 2020.  We have developed a talented team around a couple core principles.  Our team embodies each and every principle we have a strive to get better each day.What are we working on?One thing that has had the biggest impact is building structure in the organization with management and honing in on our mission and vision statements.  If I am being critical, we have worked very hard towards our both, but still have a lot of work to do.  Below I am going to share with you a banner that hangs in our shop.  … Continued

Snow Removal Professionals in Indianapolis

Need to Hire a Snow Removal and Ice Management Company?Did you know that 1 Million Americans are injured due to slip and fall accidents, annually?  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), winter weather kills more than twice as many Americans than summer heat.  These are scary statistics, but the best part is that most can be prevented with proper snow removal and ice management practices. Proper snow removal & Ice management takes a very talented, dedicated and reliable team.  The team at Green’s Lawncare is trained and outside conditions are constantly monitored to ensure your property is getting taken care of appropriately.  Our team takes calculated measures to not only save you the most amount of money possible but to also keep your customers safe when making their way through your parking lot and sidewalks.  We know our boundaries and when a property is too big for our team. … Continued

Westfield: Mowing & Landscape Maintenance

Green’s Lawncare is expanding to Westfield, IN spring 2020! We are very excited to announce we will be servicing Westfield, IN for lawn mowing & landscape maintenance.  We are an award winning lawn maintenance company with a wonderful reputation and we wish to share our amazing customer service with you!  One reason we decided to expand is that Westfield is a rapidly expanding city with great opportunity.  We are most known for our work in the Broad Ripple and Meridian-Kessler neighborhoods.  Check out this article, here, that you should always ask any contractor working on your property.  One thing that makes Green’s Lawncare stand out is that we pride ourselves on a great work environment.  This is very important to us as happy employees do better work!  Request an estimate today! Why is Westfield, IN special?There is more to Westfield than Grand Park, even though it is an amazing facility and brings people … Continued

Mowing & Lawn Maintenance | Fishers, IN starting 2020

Mowing & lawn Maintenance | Fishers, INGreen’s Lawncare & Property Services is extremely excited to announce we will be offer Lawn Mowing & Maintenance services to the Fishers, IN (46037 & 46038) area starting in 2020.  We have a stellar reputation in the Meridian-Kessler and Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. You can guarantee when you hire Green’s Lawncare that we will be the best lawn maintenance company you will ever hire.  We fulfill all the questions you should ask when hiring a new lawn company.  We have an article here that you should always ask any contractor working on your property.  Green’s Lawncare pride ourselves on having a great work environment for all employees.  This is super important because happy employees do better work!  We also pride ourselves on technology and customer service.  These 2 go hand in hand.  Give us a try today and see for yourself 🙂 Request EstimateMap … Continued

Lawn Mowing is Affordable | Broad Ripple

Affordable…Local…Lawn Mowing | Broad RippleIf you are reading this blog, let me guess, you have asked google this question… “Lawn mowing near me”?  If you live in the Broad Ripple area, Green’s Lawncare is sure to show up!  I’m sure you have seen our bright corvette yellow truck driving around the area.Green’s Lawncare knows lawn mowing is a favorite chore around the house….NOT!! Believe it or not some people love mowing lawns and even more the team at  Green’s Lawncare & Property Services loves mowing in the Broad Ripple Area.  You see, most of us grew up in the area, rode bikes through the streets, swam at the Rivi, and even went to local school 84!  This neighborhood is home.  This neighborhood is us.  When you search local lawn mowing, Green’s Lawncare is a company you cannot miss. 5 Reason to Choose Green’s Lawncare!Green’s Lawncare is a local business that not only loves the … Continued

Lawn Mowing is Affordable | Meridian-Kessler

Affordable Lawn care, Meridian-KesslerWe know lawn mowing is not a favorite chore around the house. Believe it or not some people love mowing lawns and even more the team at  Green’s Lawncare & Property Services loves mowing in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood.  You see, most of us grew up in the area, rode bikes through the streets, swam at the Rivi, and even went to local school 84!  This neighborhood is home.  This neighborhood is us. 5 Reason to Choose Green’s Lawncare!Green’s Lawncare is a local business that not only loves the neighborhood, we give back to the neighborhood, invest in our youth, and our employees are the best of the best.  Here are a couple reasons why Green’s Lawncare is unique and the leader in lawn mowing.We invest in technology.  We maintain hundreds of properties on an annual basis.  The only way to maintain properties, keep notes on each customer’s … Continued

Aeration, the Secret Sauce!

Tips for a Greener Lawn…aeration! I’m sure you have come home from work and wondered what’s the secret to a perfect lawn.  Your neighbors have a great looking lawn, but your property is struggling a little bit.  Once you make it through this article, you will know why aeration is the secret sauce and how to do it on your own.  Here at Green’s Lawncare, we want to empower you to be able to do the work yourself and then if you feel a bit overwhelmed you can call in the reinforcements.  Aeration and Over-seeding is something many homeowners pass on as it is a specialty service that does cost a bit more money.  If you are looking to do it yourself, you can save a few bucks along the way and get a great workout in!  So lets dive right into it. Why do we Aerate and Over-Seed?Below you will see … Continued

Who should I hire? The neighbor kid or a professional service? A question for the ages…

A Tough Decision…I hear this question posed all the time in the local Broad Ripple or Meridian Kessler neighborhood Facebook pages.  Even in the Warfleigh neighborhood…it appears on nextdoor.  If you do not know what nextdoor is, check it out here.  On nextdoor, people are asking their neighbors if the neighborhood kid does a good enough job or if they need to spend a little bit more money and hire the professional service to do lawn mowing for the season. Matt, our owner, sits down and discusses this very topic. Pro’s to hiring the neighborhood kid:Hiring the local broad ripple kid to mow your lawn is a great learning experience for the kid.  This also allows that kid to learn work ethic and the value of hard work.  They learn that money can be made and does not always have to beg for it.  If they want a new bike and it … Continued

How to sharpen lawn mower blades

If you are like many homeowners in the Meridian-Kessler and Broad Ripple area, you more than likely own a push mower.  The yards are smaller and you can efficiently mow the entire property in under 30 minutes using a small 21- or 22-inch push or self-propelled mower.  Some of the bigger properties as you move into the Meridian Hills and Nora neighborhoods require a riding lawn mower, but when it comes to sharpening your lawn mower blades it is all the same.  You may be asking, why do I even need to sharpen the blade(s) on my lawn mower or how do you do it?  These questions will be answered below.Why do I need to sharpen my lawn mower blades?For a clean cut, the mower blades must be sharp.  When the blade(s) gets dull, it will tear the blade of grass rather than cut it.  When the blade of grass … Continued

How much does it cost to mow my lawn? Can I get an estimate?

Your Guide to PricingWe get this question often… How come my neighbors yard cost $45 to mow weekly and my yard is $52?  There are many things that go into estimating properties that we service.  When we work up an estimate to mow your grass or an estimate to install mulch, we like to visit the properties as much as we can.  In the peak season, we will estimate from satellite imagery and adjust accordingly once we begin service.  Below is an example lawncare estimate for a typical Broad Ripple or Meridian-Kessler property.Understanding Pricing:Each company prices lawns a little differently.  To understand pricing, the company must understand their business’ financials to know the hourly rates they need to achieve to maintain profitability.  Often, you hear of “low-ballers” these are often small companies that really don’t have a grasp on their financials, don’t pay their guys a respectable wage, don’t have … Continued