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How much does it cost to mow my lawn? Can I get an estimate?

Your Guide to Pricing

We get this question often… How come my neighbors yard cost $45 to mow weekly and my yard is $52?  There are many things that go into estimating properties that we service.  When we work up an estimate to mow your grass or an estimate to install mulch, we like to visit the properties as much as we can.  In the peak season, we will estimate from satellite imagery and adjust accordingly once we begin service.  Below is an example lawncare estimate for a typical Broad Ripple or Meridian-Kessler property.

Understanding Pricing:

Each company prices lawns a little differently.  To understand pricing, the company must understand their business’ financials to know the hourly rates they need to achieve to maintain profitability.  Often, you hear of “low-ballers” these are often small companies that really don’t have a grasp on their financials, don’t pay their guys a respectable wage, don’t have business insurance, and maybe they are not a true tax paying company.  They are mowing lawns on the side to make a little extra cash.  Professional companies cannot compete with these individuals and as a home owner, you probably don’t want these people servicing your property.  If they happen to damage something, you will probably never hear from them again!


How much will it cost to mow my lawn?

There are a few things to consider when pricing a lawn.

  • How much travel time does it take to get to the property from our shop?
  • How many man hours does it take to mow the property?
  • Do we service other lawns in the area to help “share” the cost?
  • Does the company know what their break-even hourly rate is and what their profitability rate is?

We have found that most properties in the Broad Ripple and Meridian Kessler neighborhoods are between $30-$55 per service.  If there is a request to mow the property bi-weekly, then there is a surcharge of typically 20% to accommodate for the extra growth in the lawn and extra time it will take on the property.

When we work in the Meridian Hills, Crows Nest, or Williams Creek neighborhoods those properties vary from $55 to $140 per service.  There is great variety in property size but ultimately, we are shooting for a certain hourly rate, which is different for each company.  Each company has different overhead and can purchase materials at different tiered pricing depending upon how much they buy in “bulk”.


Why should I hire someone to mow my lawn?

Hiring a company to take care of your outdoors used to be viewed as a luxury.  Now it is very common place to hire a company to maintain your lawn and landscaping.  As productive members of society, we are so busy with family event and work such long hours in our careers that we don’t have time to work in the yard anymore.  When it comes down to spending time with your husband/wife and children or mowing the lawn, most people will pick spending time with loved ones or friends.  The precious time that you cannot get back.

As a lawn maintenance company, we are very proud of the fact we allow families a better and more attractive outdoor space.  We also give back your time to spend with loved ones in the outdoor space you have professional maintained.

Can you give me a quote?

We sure can!