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Affordable Lawn care, Meridian-Kessler

We know lawn mowing is not a favorite chore around the house. Believe it or not some people love mowing lawns and even more the team at  Green’s Lawncare & Property Services loves mowing in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood.  You see, most of us grew up in the area, rode bikes through the streets, swam at the Rivi, and even went to local school 84!  This neighborhood is home.  This neighborhood is us.


5 Reason to Choose Green’s Lawncare!

Green’s Lawncare is a local business that not only loves the neighborhood, we give back to the neighborhood, invest in our youth, and our employees are the best of the best.  Here are a couple reasons why Green’s Lawncare is unique and the leader in lawn mowing.

  • We invest in technology.  We maintain hundreds of properties on an annual basis.  The only way to maintain properties, keep notes on each customer’s preferences, and do quality control checks efficiently is to utilize technology.  Our technology manages all of our customer interactions, billing, marketing and scheduling to name a few.  We pride our selves in using the best technology to make our routes the most efficient which in turn helps us keep our cost down.
  • We invest in training.  Our owner, Matt Green, travels frequently throughout the year to conferences, round tables, and other industry gatherings to learn, grow, and pass on to the team. Our training manager, also a team leader, takes the new hires under his wings until they are able to perform at our high standards.  We are currently in development of Green’s University.  A full training onboarding system to stay a step ahead.  You can rest assured that we hold ourselves to high standards and if we ever slip, we want to know.
  • We invest in our people.  Our team is very important to us.  Our team is our lifeblood.  They are the ones that day in and day out have to be at their best so we can provide the best service in town.  Our company culture is another area we pride ourselves in.  We take care of the team, have company outings, company picnics…  We celebrate our wins together, we mourn our losses together.  We are a FAMILY.  
  • We invest in our equipment.  We strive to use the best equipment and take care of it.  We know that if our equipment isn’t in peak fashion, we can’t provide the best service possible.  We become unreliable.  We can’t accept that.  We can’t accept anything less than the best.
  • MOST importantly, we value our relationships with our clients.  We value our clients and know that if it wasn’t for our great clients, there would be no Green’s Lawncare.  We offer a best in industry guarantee, “We want you to be totally thrilled with our service…so absolutely delighted you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors. You are the judge, if our work is not excellent, we will re-do the item in question for FREE. Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction.”

Why hire a lawn mowing company?

Hiring a lawn mowing company is the relief you are looking for.  We know our Meridian-Kessler community is filled with leaders; we are busy, we are stressed, we are exhausted…  The last thing you want on your plate is to come home after a long day and be responsible to mow the lawn.  Your family is much more excited to spend a couple hours a night with you as opposed to spending time outside pulling weeds and mowing the lawn.  We are here to help take that relief off your shoulders.  If you are looking for a reliable, professional, customer service driven company to take over your Meridian-Kessler lawn, we are here for you!  Feel free to give us a call (317-748-3153), shoot us an email ( or fill out this simple request estimate form -> Lawn mowing estimate