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Leaf Removal & Fall Clean-up: What you need to know

Fall is upon us here in Central Indiana…  As I drive the streets of our most popular neighborhoods: Broad Ripple, Meridian Kessler, Meridian Hills, Williams Creek, etc. the Maple trees are already showing their beauty.  The yellow and red leaves line the streets and it doesn’t get much better than that.  We love the fall, but unfortunately, those very leaves will also drop and take over your lawn.  Leaf Removal will be important to keep your lawn looking amazing.

Fall leaves
Autumn beauty in the City

During this time of the year, it is also great to get your flower beds ready for the winter with a Fall Clean-up.  We have already had a couple of hard frost so many of your perennials and especially the annuals have bit the dust.  They need to be cut back so the beauty emerges once again in the spring.  We often do Fall Clean-ups at the same time as our leaf removal service.

Here are a couple of reason why you want to remove leaves:

  • Some leaves can be mulched and left on the grass. When the mulched leaves get incorporated into the soil it acts as a natural fertilizer for the following season.  However, if you chop up too many leaves without removing some, you will probably be left with dead spots in the spring and a nice layer of thatch.
  • Thatch build up…if you have too many leaves chopped up, they will not have the time to break down and become incorporated into the soil. This will cause a layer of thatch to begin building.  Thatch will prevent oxygen, nutrients, and water from penetrating the root zone of the grass plant which will hinder its growth.
  • Leaves not removed provide a safe haven for pests and diseases to inhabit the lawn.
  • Leaves can also stain decks.

Most of all raking leaves and putting them into bags is just a pain.  Often times, we here clients say they spend 2-3 weekends raking and bagging leaves.  Often times, that same property may only take us an hour to complete with proper tools and equipment.

“Be Green” and Recycle:

Here at Green’s Lawncare we try to be as “Green” as possible.  We vacuum up all the debris that results from the Fall Clean-up as well as the leaf removal process, shred it into tiny pieces, and finally, we take them up north to organically compost.  The leaves will turn into black gold next year also known as compost and topsoil.  We hate to see the city take plastic bags full of leaves to the city dump.  The leaves provide very good nutrition for the soil and can be used and recycled. 

curbside pick up
Curb side pick up using our leaf vacuum.

It will be a busy Fall, so I better get off the computer and get all the equipment tuned-up and ready to rock and roll!