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Who should I hire? The neighbor kid or a professional service? A question for the ages…

A Tough Decision…

I hear this question posed all the time in the local Broad Ripple or Meridian Kessler neighborhood Facebook pages.  Even in the Warfleigh neighborhood…it appears on nextdoor.  If you do not know what nextdoor is, check it out here.  On nextdoor, people are asking their neighbors if the neighborhood kid does a good enough job or if they need to spend a little bit more money and hire the professional service to do lawn mowing for the season.


Matt, our owner, sits down and discusses this very topic.

Should I hire the neighborhood lawn kid to do lawn mowing


Pro’s to hiring the neighborhood kid:

Hiring the local broad ripple kid to mow your lawn is a great learning experience for the kid.  This also allows that kid to learn work ethic and the value of hard work.  They learn that money can be made and does not always have to beg for it.  If they want a new bike and it cost $700.00 then they will learn how long it will take them to make that $700.00 to buy the bike.  It can be very valuable for the kid.  The other pro is that they are typically less expensive to hire.  They do not always do as good of a job nor are they as reliable, but that is the trade off to getting a cheaper service.


Pro’s to hiring the professional service:

When you hire a professional company like Green’s Lawncare, you can expect great customer service and a highly reliable service with great communication.  Now a professional company will cost more…  A professional company has overhead (vehicle loans, equipment loans, taxes, technology, insurance, labor cost, rent, etc.)  These cost’s all must be recouped in the cost of the service.  However, these extra costs are what make a professional service just that.  Professional’s have the proper equipment, pay their employee’s well, and have the knowledge and expertise that has been developing over the years.  You are paying for a much better experience.


We also made a previous post about 6 Tips on Hiring a Lawn Care Professional, it would be worth reading before making your decision.


Now, I’m not here to persuade you to hire the local meridian Kessler kid to mow your lawn nor am I pushing you to hire Green’s Lawncare to do lawn mowing.  I am merely here to show you the difference in services.  We have even streamlined our process to charge credit cards weekly, which alleviates you from having to open the invoice, get your check book, write the check, get an envelope ready and send out a check.  We are here to add convenience into your life.  One of those conveniences are giving you a headache/worry free lawn service so you can enjoy more time with your kids and less time working in the yard.  We know how incredibly busy you already are!