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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Pending weather, your property will be scheduled for the same day each week. This allows for consistent growth patterns in the lawn and allows you to set your irrigation system for days we are not on your property.
Weather delays are very common in our line of work. Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times and we do our best to work around the circumstances. However, in the event of a weather delay, the whole week gets pushed back a full day. For instance, if we are supposed to service your property on a Tuesday, it rains, we will then service the Tuesday schedule on Wednesday and so on for the remainder of the week. We will then get back on track the following week.
We have a checklist that each crew leader is responsible for at the end of each service visit. The last box states “is the customers gate(s) closed and secured”. The last thing we want is your child or pet to get out.
Absolutely not! We work on a gentleman’s agreement. Call us old fashion, but that is our way of doing business. We want to develop lasting relationships with our customers and this proves it! Not only that, but it makes us earn your business weekly.
We will need your credit card on file and will process your payment each week of service for lawn mowing services. We, Green’s Lawncare, are PCI compliant and do not store any credit card data. We use a third-party vendor, Blue Pay, to handle our credit card transactions. For landscaping jobs, we may require a 50% down payment to start the project and additionally accept cash or check for landscaping jobs.
We sure do! A clean & professional image is very important to our company. Our team has company issued long sleeved shirts and hats to wear on each job site along with pants of their choice in company colors.
Yes. We auto renew each recurring mowing account for the next season. If you wish to discontinue service, all we ask is that you let us know via email as soon as possible. Email is necessary so both parties have a paper trail.

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