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Liquid Aeration

When your Indianapolis property needs a boost of nutrients, look no further than the liquid aeration services from Green’s Lawncare & Property Services. Contact us today for a free quote by calling (317) 748-3153.

Liquid Aeration Indianapolis

What Is Liquid Aeration?

Liquid aeration is a combination of micronutrients that is applied to your lawn in the spring. Using a pressurized sprayer, the liquid aeration splits the soil structure at a molecular scale, allowing for deep penetration of the soil aerator liquid. This makes it possible for these key nutrients to reach deep down into the grass-root structure.

The goal of a liquid lawn aerator is to push more oxygen, water, and nutrients into your yard’s root zone. It is also ideal for lawns that are growing in clay or compacted soils. As more nutrients reach the root zone, the grass is also able to absorb more light, water, and air, helping your lawn form a strong root system that is able to defend against weeds, insects, and lawn diseases.

Key Benefits of Liquid Aeration

  • Provides 100% coverage of your lawn.
  • Adds key nutrients into the soil such as BioChar, humic acid, sea kelp, kulvic acid, and other micronutrients.
  • Safe to apply in the spring as opposed to mechanical aeration which is only recommended for the fall.
  • Supports root development and builds a stronger grass plant that is more resistant to disease and drought.
  • Can be applied at the same time as other lawn treatments such as a crabgrass barrier or pre-emergent fertilizer.
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Liquid Lawn Aeration Indianapolis

Transform Your Indianapolis Lawn

Does your lawn need a boost of nutrients to keep it thick and green during the hot summer months? Could you use some help getting rid of those never-ending weeds in your flower gardens? The team at Green’s Lawncare is ready and waiting to provide whatever lawn care you need. We can build a completely customizable plan for your specific property!

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For a thriving lawn all year long, choose the team at Green’s Lawncare. Along with liquid aeration, we provide a wide range of services including pest control, grub control, holiday lighting installation, commercial snow removal, mosquito spraying, and more. Request a free quote today by calling us at (317) 748-3153. We serve customers in Fishers, Westfield, and many north side Indianapolis areas that include Broad Ripple, Rocky Ripple, Meridian Hills, Meridian-Kessler, and Warfleigh.

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