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Defend your home and family against harmful and intrusive pests and insects with the highly effective pest control solutions from Green’s Lawncare & Property Services. With a wide variety of treatment options for your Indianapolis property, we can rid your lawn of these invading vermin once and for all. Call us today at (317) 748-3153 to request a quote.

Protect Your Indianapolis Lawn From Destructive Pests

Grubs and other outdoor vermin can wreak havoc on your Indianapolis property if not taken care of swiftly and properly. With exterior pest control solutions from Green’s Lawncare, it is possible to have a beautiful lawn free from invasive insects. The moment you notice any of these creatures invading your yard, give us a call. We utilize a variety of outdoor pest control solutions that will protect your property from these types of threatening insects:





Japanese beetles




Many more!

Our Thorough Exterior
Pest Control Application

At Green’s Lawncare, we understand that different insects and pests each require a distinct approach. This is why we provide customized pest control services for the specific types of vermin that are invading your yard. Using a variety of treatments, our pest control application process follows these three steps:

  • Assess your property to discover the extent of the damage caused by the suspecting pest.
  • Identify which insects and bugs need to be removed and which are beneficial for your property.
  • Provide the best pest control solution for the type of vermin on your Indianapolis property.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

As one of the leading pest control companies in Indianapolis, we treat a wide variety of insects, bugs, and parasites. Our in-depth pest control solutions include treatments that not only rid your property of these aggressive vermin but also keep the rest of your family safe at the same time.

Serving Indianapolis & Beyond

Along with our effective pest control treatments, Green’s Lawncare also provides lawn fertilization, mowing, mulching, seasonal maintenance, mosquito spraying, and many more lawn care services. We gladly serve the entire Indianapolis area including Fishers, Westfield, Broad Ripple, Rocky Ripple, Meridian Hills, Meridian-Kessler, and Warfleigh. Request a quote today by calling us at (317) 748-3153.

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